Category: Tip of the Month

Tile Tap Test-Top Tip

This is a simple and effective test that Commercial & Specialised Diving commonly use to investigate areas of tiles that are at risk of de-bonding

Blanking Pipework

Many swimming pools centres feel that they have to drain their pool to conduct work in the plant room pipelines or to work on plant

HDPE Cover

TOP TIP – HDPE Balance Tank Covers

Commercial and Specialised Diving regularly carry out balance tank inspection and cleaning, and are experienced in working in the confined spaces these present to us.

TOP TIP – Making Your Mark!

In addition to the well-known and fairly universal  use of demarcation strips to define swimming lanes, they are also used as ‘signposts’ to swimmers  –

Top Tip – Deep Clean the Pool Tank

Is it time to get your pool cleaned? Is algae growth appearing on your grouting, walls, floors and expansion joints? Algae growth can be quite