Top Tip: Defend your pool from mastic pickers!

Our divers are frequently called out to investigate pool tiling problems which turn out to be caused by grout material loss in expansion joints. One of the most frequent causes of the failure is that the mastic sealant has been ‘picked out’ by the swimmers themselves. Although it may seem strange, finger picking the sealant seems to be irresistible – especially to younger swimmers.

Problems caused by the failure of an expansion joint seal are often not easily detectable until the damage has become extensive – water ingress can cause de-bonding of tiles and the eventual failure of the underlying screed itself – problems that can be costly to rectify.

Instead of using mastic, which is easily removed by inquisitive digits, CSD uses an epoxy ‘anti-pick’ product that is especially formulated for swimming pool use.

The advantages over mastic are many:

  • Resistant to picking by fingers.
  • Excellent impact and wear resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces.
  • High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to Chemicals.
  • Can be applied under water.
  • High mechanical properties.

To find out more about replacing the expansion joint in your pool with this epoxy alternative, give us a call – it’s an effective and long-lasting finger picking defence system!

Expansion joint repaired