How to deal with broken glass in your pool

It is every pool owners worst nightmare… getting broken glass in a swimming pool.

Broken glass is a major cutting hazard in pools as it is extremely difficult to see. It lies on the bottom of the pool floor waiting for an unsuspecting foot to tread on it. If this happens, and the person is injured, the pool owner will be liable for claims in damages against them.

Shard a
Broken glass can have razor sharp edges

It isn’t just the large razor sharp shards that can harm you! Tiny glass splinters or shards can penetrate skin very easily, especially after the skin has been softened though immersion in water.

Do not drain your pool!


The instant reaction that most pool operators have is to drain the swimming pool.
However, this is exactly what you should not do!

Draining a swimming pool will potentially create expensive problems due to the change in pressure, moisture content and temperature upon the structure of the swimming pool. This allows the pool to move through expansion and contraction. When this happens the tiles will start to move, potentially causing them to crack, shatter or become de-bonded from the screed and render.

Rectifying this work is then an expensive task, with the additional complication of having the pool closed to the pool users.

However, there is another solution:
Commercial & Specialised Divers can enter the pool to remove broken glass.

Even the tiniest shards and slithers can be removed and the pool can be opened again within the space of a few hours.

Small shard a
Broken glass in pools can be very difficult to see

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experienced at removing broken glass from swimming pools. We have retrieved glass from pools when vandals have smashed windows and even broken wine glasses from grand openings!


Shattered glass a
Broken glass will quickly spread out to affect a large area of your pool floor

If you get glass in your pool don’t drain it. Instead contact us and we can send an emergency diving team to remove it quickly and efficiently.

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