Why Tiles Fall Off Your Swimming Pool Walls

Swimming pools are a great commodity for people to exercise, swim, play sports and have fun in. However, they are high maintenance and things can often go wrong.

So what do you do if the tiles start to fall off the wall?


The gap behind the tiles show that they are not attached to the wall

This is a common problem that Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts at fixing, and it can happen for a number of reasons:

  • The tile adhesive has failed
  • The screed has failed
  • The pool has recently been drained and re-filled too quickly
  • The pool has recently been drained and the water re-heated too quickly
  • Ice crystals have formed under the tiles (outdoor pools in winter)
  • Tree roots
  • High water table in surrounding ground trying to ‘float’ the swimming pool
  • Surrounding ground drying out in the summer
  • Lack of expansion joints


Tiles bowing out are a sure sign of de-bonded adhesive

So don’t worry if your tiles need replacing. Commercial and Specialised Diving can re-tile your walls underwater without the expense of having to drain your swimming pool.


A repaired and re-tiled section of a swimming pool wall


Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance. Speak to one of our friendly swimming pool technicians on 01202 580007 to find out more.