What is underneath your moving floor?

Recent years have seen a new feature regularly installed in swimming pools, in the form of a moveable floor that allows the pool floor to be extremely versatile.  The advantages of this are that the pool area can be used for other activities as required, and a pool situated in a large room no longer prevents that room being use for any other activity.

Moving floors are an exciting addition to many pools as they not only allow complete removal of the pool, but also allow depth and even angle control so that swimmers of different skill levels can feel comfortable in the same pool.

Plainly, if a floor is being raised to cover an expanse of what can be relatively deep water, it needs to be well designed and properly maintained to prevent it failing. This means that inspection and routine maintenance are essential to ensuring that the floor and its operational parts remain in good order, especially when they are always in close proximity to the corrosive effects of water on its fixtures and fittings.  And since many moving parts may be hidden under normal circumstances, a full and proper assessment is required.

Moving floors can be complex underneath

Moveable floors are typically immersed sections which can be raised or lowered as needed and are typically held in place by a system of runners and pulleys.  Correctly surveying and assessing the condition of these requires expert analysis, and that is where Commercial and Specialised Diving can help you out.

With many years’ experience in dealing with all aspects of swimming pool maintenance, we have the background needed to be able to clean, survey and advise about repair work on all aspects of your pool – even on something as relatively new as moving floor elements.

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