Spas – It is the little things that matter

Spas are a fantastic place to relax and are an indulgent treat for those of us who like to be pampered.

Spa services and surroundings are often luxurious and clients demand the best premium experience. After all, why shouldn’t they? Spas are often expensive places to visit.

Jaccuzi 600
Spas offer luxury and a relaxing experience

So, how important is a single missing mosaic tile?


Mosaics 600
Missing mosaics look unsightly

A missing tile not only looks unsightly, but it can present a cutting hazard. If it is on the floor feet can be sliced open and the pool user may not notice until they get out of the pool. If this happens, the reputation of the spa may be affected in a negative way.

If a single tile is missing then further tiles may be removed by hand without too much effort. Commercial & Specialised Diving have had reports of children removing a mass of tiles from a spa pool wall and making a tidy pile of them on the poolside!

Once a single tile is missing, adjacent tiles will normally become loose as water can seep beneath the tiles and loosen the surrounding tiles with a domino effect. This will escalate over time, creating a bigger issue and a more expensive repair will be required.

Loose mosaic 600
A single missing tile can cause others alongside them to fail

By replacing single tiles, further damage to the spa pool can be prevented.

Colorful mosaics 600
Missing tiles along the edge present a cutting hazard

So don’t ignore a single missing tile, it really is the little things that matter!

Commercial & Specialised Diving can keep your spa looking pristine whilst saving you money and keeping your high class reputation intact. All the work can be done underwater without the need to close or drain the spa pool.

Contact our friendly team to find out about our spa maintenance visits that can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

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