Remedials to Hazards Between Swimming Sessions

Providing the best service possible to our clients is of paramount importance to CSD and in order to achieve this we often have to work to a tight schedule. Few recent projects have involved as tight a schedule to complete the work in as a project to make safe cutting hazards in a swimming pool in the West Midlands last month.

Area of tiling with potential hazard (left) made safe with underwater epoxy (right)
Area of tiling with potential hazard (left) made safe with underwater epoxy (right)

Upon receiving reports of cut feet from an area of the pool the leisure centre, management roped off the area in question and contacted CSD to attend the site to identify and remove the hazards. 

Upon receiving the phone call our operations team shot down the CSD emergency repair works pole and were on their way the very next day. On arrival the team were told that the centre would like to continue their previously scheduled lessons – giving us just one hour to locate and make safe any cutting hazards. By this point the day had started to feel like an episode of 24 but with no time to spare we pressed on! The divers were able to find and fix all of the sharp tile edges and were out of the water ready for the centre to start its lessons…

Hair Entrapment
Failure of hair entrapment test at an outlet grille on the pool wall

It was at this point we were told it was another day of the week they had lessons scheduled and we actually had another hour left until the next lessons started  Not a problem at all of course as we were straight back into our wetsuits to carry out a free hazard and defect survey of the pool, the most notable hazard being the hair entrapment hazard shown above which unfortunately could not be repaired at the time of inspection.

Our quoted task was completed successfully, the survey was sent the following day and the whole pool was reopened in time for the next swimming session, allowing the pool to run as usual with no disruption.