Refurbishment of Two School Swimming Pools

After completing a Health and Safety condition report of two swimming pools, a competition and teaching pool, earlier on in the year for a school in Hampshire CSD highlighted some recommended remedials. 

Replacement of old inlet diffuser (left) with new diffuser that conforms to British Standards and HSE regulations

With the closing of the pool, for refurbishment of plant equipment, providing a short window of opportunity we were contacted to perform the suggested repairs. New parts were quickly ordered and fabricated from our plastics supplier, including a variety of grilles and striker plates, allowing work to begin.

Regrouting of an area of floor tiles before (left) and after (right)

During the four day refurbishment the majority of the two swimming pool floors, along with the finger grip tiles around the perimeter of the pools, were re-grouted. Inlet and sump outlet grilles from both of the pools were replaced, in addition to striker plates installed around removable ladders in order to protect the tiles. All work was completed quickly within the proposed time frame to the clients satisfaction.