Is Your Grout Dangerously Low?

Regular maintenance of all aspects of your pool is a great investment, as early intervention can prevent small issues developing into large costly ones.  One area where this is particularly true is swimming pool grout. Commercial & Specialised Diving are called out dozens of times every month on grouting issues, many of which have been left untended and the resultant repair work needed has been extensive as a result .

First signs of grout loss may be in areas of heavy use, such as the shallow end or around steps and finger grip tiles. If left untended there are a number of consequences. Exposed tile edges may result in cutting hazards and extensive grout loss can lead to deeper seated problems. Grout protects not only the tile adhesive but also the screed beneath from the corrosive nature of swimming pool chemicals. Water ingress can cause de-bonding of the tiles, and also causes screed and render degradation – which effectively removes the tiles foundation causing instability and cracking.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are able to conduct underwater grouting at night to ensure that your pool never closes! If you think you have grout issues in your pool, don’t delay – call us today to find out more on 01202 580007.