Hassle-free Health & Safety – A Free Service with a smile!

Both Health and Safety (H&S) and Client Care are taken very seriously at Commercial and Specialised Diving.  We take great pride in providing our clients a completely free of charge H&S and hazard survey  whilst carrying out other underwater maintenance in your pool.

A recent project at a private school in Berkshire shows the importance of this service and illustrates the benefit to yourselves and your swimmers.

Cracked Mosaid
Cracked mosaic tiles

In this instance we were called to the school to repair and replace extensive areas of mosaic tiling. On completion of the intricate, detailed work, our divers undertook a thorough inspection of the whole pool completely free of charge.

The inspection brought to light a number of H&S issues of which the client was, until that moment, totally unaware.  These included broken and non-conforming grilles, broken and sharp edging-tiles and unsafe anchor points.   All of these presented potential cutting or entrapment hazards and in some cases were non-compliant with H&S guidelines – issues which could lead to costly claims and affect your pools reputation .

Our divers completed the mosaic tiling and remedial work in good time and with the minimum of disruption – leaving our clients confident and safe in the knowledge that their pool was not only looking in great shape, but was also a safe place to swim!

Ladder damage
H&S Damaged Grille
Damaged Grille