Why Drain a Pool When You Can Dive?

When Steyning Leisure Centre in Horsham found that areas of their moveable floor had cracked the first company they contacted informed them that the pool would need to be drained for repairs to be made. Although draining a swimming pool may seem like the only option in order for repair works to be carried out, a huge variety of work can be carried out underwater at greatly reduced cost.

Broken Panel Areas
Broken areas of floor panels

Draining a swimming pool is a very costly endeavour, this is due to the need to dispose of the huge volume of water followed by re-filing, re-heating and re-addition of pool chemicals. In addition to these costs a large amount of time must also be spent to ensure no structural damage occurs, typically tiling failures, as the pool expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

Diver Drill

The initial quote received by Steyning to drain the pool for repair work would have taken the pool out of action for a minimum of three weeks. In addition to quoting a shorter time scale than this, CSD divers completed replacement of the panels two days ahead of schedule allowing the pool to re-open early.

Completed replacement of floor panels

In addition to saving money for the draining and re filing of the pool, and eliminating the risk of damage to the pool from draining, CSD also helped save a huge amount of revenue that would have been lost by the Leisure Centre whilst the pool was closed for the proposed three weeks.