What makes a confined space dangerous?

Confined spaces are dangerous places and strict special Health & Safety Codes of Practice are required in order to enter them. Entering a confined space needs careful planning as they can be a serious hazard to health, cause unconsciousness and even death due to toxic air. It can take seconds for a person to be overcome by toxic air and become unconscious.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are often called upon to work in confined spaces. In order to enter a confined space workers require specialist training and equipment.


Tunnel 600
Tunnels and culverts are easily identified as a confined space


A confined space is any area that is substantially enclosed and has any of the following risks:
Flammable substances and oxygen enrichment
Excessive heat
Toxic gas, fume or vapour
Oxygen deficiency
The ingress or presence of liquids
Solid materials which can flow
Other hazards not specific to confined spaces

Example of a confined space include:
Coffer dams


Confined Space PPE 600
Specialist PPE and training is required to enter a confined space


Each confined space will have it’s own hazards and ways of working within them. Specialist equipment and training is required in order to enter them safely. Depending upon the environment, this may include the use of the following equipment:

Gas monitors
Gas monitors are used when working in tunnels and areas where the air can be toxic or of low oxygen.

Emergency breathing equipment
Emergency breathing equipment is carried by each person to allow them to get to safety in the event that the air is unsuitable to breath.

Lifelines are used to ensure an unconscious worker can be recovered to safety outside of the confined space.

Lifting equipment
Hoists may be required to aid recovery of an unconscious person through a manhole.

Commercial & Specialised Diving have teams of workers who are especially trained and equipped to conduct high risk work within confined spaces. If you are unsure if your work area is classed as a confined space, then get in touch for some free, no obligation advice.

Commercial& Specialised Diving are experts at confined space and diving operations. With over 20 years’ experience and nationwide coverage our teams work across the UK. Get in touch to find out more 01202 580007 or sales@specialist-diving.co.uk.