Void Repair at Faulty Sump Outlet Grille

‘Great team and a job well done!’ – Richard, Operations Manager at Nuffield Health Yeovil

Since their beginning in 1957 Nuffield Health have been a leading standard for the health sector and are the UKs largest not for profit health care organisation. In 2008 they purchased Cannons Health Clubs, creating the chain of 65 Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres. Along with their existing hospitals and medical centres this has allowed them to help more than 300,000 people a year, providing prevention, cure and general fitness throughout the UK.

Identified void after removal of faulty tiles

As swimming is thought to be one of the best exercises, particularly if you are recovering from any injuries, the majority of Nuffields Fitness and Wellbeing Centres have swimming pools. At the beginning of May CSD were requested to visit the Yeovil site in order to replace some faulty tiles around a sump outlet grille. This is a common area for tiling defects due to flexing of the sump grille from movement of water placing pressure on the embedded frame, and therefore onto the surrounding tiles.

Void Repair
Work in progress after supports have been installed to sump pit wall and void filled with epoxy and resin

Upon inspection of the area around the outlet grille both tiles and render were found to have failed around the perimeter. Once these defective tiles had been removed a void was found below the grille frame, allowing water to be drawn through the defective area directly into the sump pit. To ensure the stability of the tiles to be replaced, supports were fixed to the sump pit wall before filling the void with a two part underwater epoxy and resin, this also acted as a bond to secure the grille frame in place.

Completed Tiling
Completed void repair, re-tiling and grouting

The render layer was then built up before re-tiling and grouting the area, with tiles provided by the centre. As with all swimming pool work completed by CSD, Nuffield Health were given a free defect report of the pool highlighting any potential hazards.