Under Close Inspection

Commercial and Specialised Diving offer a wide range of surveys to ensure we meet all our customers’ needs.  Surveys are an invaluable way of ensuring Health and Safety compliance, highlighting minor defects before they turn into major ones, and identifying the cause of problems such as leaks.

Most importantly, Commercial and Specialised Diving can carry out surveys without draining the pool. This means no down time, and no associated costs such as draining and refilling, and chemical replacement.

Diving Inspection

Surveys we offer include the following, but we are also able to tailor them to suit your pools’ individual needs.


  • Underwater Condition Survey:

Inlet and outlet inspections and conformity tests.

Inspections of fixtures, ladders, steps and handrails

Condition of all tiling, grouting, expansion joints & drainage

Inspection of deck level tiling, expansion joints, fixtures and fittings


  • Underwater hazard and defect survey:

Report provides risk levels in respect to health and safety issues IE for entrapment and cutting hazards.


  • Underwater grille conformity tests:

Fit for purpose and safety test on grilles, including suction velocity and hair entrapment tests.


  • Underwater tile tap test :

Includes investigation into tile adhesion.


  • Underwater Core sampling:

Allows investigation into tank concrete, re-bar, screed condition and tile adhesion .


  • Balance Tank Surveys:

Underwater or confined space conditional survey. Includes visual survey of tank and integral plant.


  • Leak Testing and Pipework Pressure Testing


  • Moving Floor Surveys:

Underwater survey of all of the submerged elements of the moveable floor and mechanism.

On completion of a survey, we provide you with a detailed photographic report.  If you would like to find out more about these services, please give us call on 01202 580007