Turning the lights off

Pool lights are useful in swimming pools as they can aid a lifeguard’s vision of swimmers in the water, whilst making the pool look aesthetically pleasing, but they can often go wrong.

Lights fail when the bulbs blow.  The lights can be extremely difficult to repair without creating a leak in the pool tank.  Modern LED lights are a better choice as they will last longer than traditional filament bulbs.

Flooded light


Cables glands are a weak point and this is a common area for swimming pools to leak.

Depending upon the design, swimmers may use the light as a foothold to exit the swimming pool, and in doing so can damage the light fixture, pulling it away from the wall.

Dead water and a build up of body fat behind light fixtures can also cause problems with stagnant water.

In extreme cases the glass lenses can become cracked or even smashed, creating a major problem of glass on the pool floor and therefore potential cutting hazards.

Fitting or replacing existing light units with new lights is not always possible.  Fitting a new cable through the pool tank can be done, but it is often a costly and messy task.

Problems with outdated or faulty lights can be remedied by removing the lights altogether, but it isn’t just a case of sealing over the light fixture.

Diver fitting a light blanking cover


Our solution is to fit self-flushing covers that allow water flow and any build up of debris to clear.  Our covers are aesthetically pleasing and help to avoid a number of hazards to pool users.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have any redundant lighting please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007.