Time and Tide Wait for No Man (or Diver)!

The key to delivering a smooth, successful operation within a limited time-frame lies in extensive preparation and planning, rigorous safety procedures, and attention to detail.  Procedures which CSD apply to all their dive work, but which were of particular importance in West Somerset this month.

The imposing sluice gate

Brean 4We were asked to inspect an imposing sluice gate prior to the installation of a stop log.   The massive structure presented a number of hazards to be overcome –  strong tidal currents caused by one of the biggest tidal ranges in the country, close to zero visibility, and a very limited diving window to name just a few!

Brean 3
Sluice gate

Working in the narrow  time-frame at high-tide the dive team carried out a thorough examination of the stop log rebates to ensure they were clear of obstructions and ascertained the  silt build-up upstream of the sluice.   Air-lifting and air-lancing were used to remove the silt, and the sluice was made safe and ready for the insertion of the stop logs before the tide changed and the currents built back up.

CSDs experience and professionalism  delivered the job on time to a very satisfied client. We look forward to working on more challenging projects with them in the near future!