The GREAT BIG River Avon Clean-up!

The Environment Agency called upon our services again this month – this time it was to help them clean-up the River Avon in the first clearance operation for 20 years.

BUGS crane & car

Commercial and Specialised Diving were asked to provide a dive team to assist in raising 6 cars and a number of shopping trolleys. However, we actually recovered a staggering 9 cars, 350 shopping trolleys, 40 bicycles, 2 motorcycles and a whole load of other debris! Thanks to the herculean efforts of our team, the amazing haul was landed in the original timeframe and for the same cost.


The work will help reduce the flood risk to 238 properties in the city centre. The abandoned objects also disrupt water flow and are a hazard to navigation. An Environment Agency spokesperson commented ‘we were all amazed by the sheer amount that was removed. In the full gaze of the public and media you all did a fantastic job and represented your company impeccably.  Without your hard efforts this task would simply not be possible’

It was a pleasure to work with you on the project – so thank you too from us all at Commercial and Specialised Diving!

Bugs Diver