The 4th Emergency Service

Some of our clients consider CSD to be their 4th emergency service! And rightly so, as mobilising at short notice is something we are very good at.

At times health and safety issues can arise which require immediate attention to prevent pool closures .

Our clients know that they can call upon CSD and be assured of a quick response and, a solution to solve their problems.

This was recently demonstrated following a call from a valued customer in West Sussex.

Work begins on the tiling


Our customer had to close the pool as large patches of tiles had debonded and had come away from the pool floor, presenting a significant health and safety issue. It was late on a Thursday afternoon when we received the call…..

Typical example of a re-tiling project


Shortly afterwards, we were on site and attending to matters. With due care and attention the pool tiling was remedied allowing the pool to re-open with minimal down time.

The quick response coupled with expert, skilled workmanship saved the day!

Finished and ready for immediate use.
Finished and ready for immediate use.

We are experts at underwater tiling, so no job is too big or, too small.

Call CSD to have your tiling issues remedied.

Pool Open