Swimming Pool Health and Safety

How Commercial and Specialised Diving Can Help You!

One of the biggest challenges when running a swimming pool is ensuring it meets health and safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using the pool. Pool Management generally undertake a weekly check to visually assess the condition of the pool surround, any features and the tank itself.

Whilst effective for the pool surround and major defects, a visual inspection from the side of the pool can provide very little information about the pool tank itself. This is where Commercial and Specialised Diving can help.  We can carry out a thorough underwater condition survey without the costly expense of draining and re-filling the pool. The survey can be carried out at night so that no down-time is incurred with the resultant loss of revenue.

Surveys can be tailored to meet your needs and may typically include inspecting the condition and safety of the following:

  • Outlets & Inlets – flow rate, hair entrapment and British Standards Entrapment Test
  • Ladders steps and handrails
  • Pool tank tiling, grouting and expansion joints
  • Demarcation, vacuum points, lights
  • Drainage – deck level, skimmers blocks and grilles
  • Lane anchors, dive platforms, disabled access
  • Poolside – deck level tiles, grout, expansion joints
  • Balance Tank lids
  • Moving Floors

We supply you with a full written and photographic report so that you have all the information you need to ensure a safe swimming environment for your clients.  Call for further information on 01202 580007.

Damaged grill which fails British standard entrapment test
Damaged grill which fails British standard entrapment test


Grout loss and cracked tiles
Grout loss and cracked tiles


Damaged tile
Damaged tile