Pool Leak Testing – Summer in the City

London is famous for its Lidos which are much favoured by the city’s inhabitants during the summer months. When one of these historic pools developed a leak, Commercial and Specialised Diving were called in to help locate the source of the problem without the need to close and drain the pool during its busiest time of year.

It was suspected that the problem lay somewhere in the 75m of fifty-year-old, buried, cast-iron pipework, however the specific site of the leak was not known.

Firstly, our divers blanked off the return pipework so that a trace gas could be injected into it. Radio detection equipment was then used to locate any traces of gas escaping from the pipework to the surface. The leak was tracked down to a small area of buried pipework at the shallow end of the pool.

The successfully completed gas leak test meant that there was no pool down-time, and the potentially costly and time-consuming work of excavating and repairing the pipework will be kept down to a minimum – another CSD project where everyone’s a winner!

One of London's historic lidos
One of London’s historic lidos