Stricken Danish Vessel – Trapped Propeller

This month CSD were called out to assist a dredging vessel, whose prop had become fouled while making beach replenishments in the Poole Bay. After the call coming in at 06:30, with the vessel not yet in dock, CSD once again displayed their ability to respond at a moment’s notice by being mobilised and alongside within two hours. With every hour that passed costing the client money, it was critical that CSD resolved the issue in as quick a time as possible. Debris and rope had been brought up from the bottom of the seabed. With the sheer volume of human activity in and around this busy harbour, it’s unfortunately pretty common for both leisure and commercial vessels to get entangled. When our divers went down to investigate they came across a mass of ropes and other materials that were preventing the propeller from functioning. The odd lobster pot had also been dragged in! Having worked on similar projects in the past, the CSD team skilfully removed all the debris with ease and efficiency. Much to the client’s satisfaction, this was also done with a minimum of down time.