Standing the Test of Time

CSD has been providing a comprehensive range of underwater pool maintenance and inspection services for over 2 decades and it is always good to review past examples of our work during our return visits to our client’s pools.

During some recent visits to a number of our client’s pools, we were very pleased to see that evidence of our high-quality workmanship is still holding fast.

At one of the locations we visited we noted that our re-grouting work was wearing well after 5 years of high footfall – it looked as good as new.  At another location, we were pleased to see that although it had been 10 years since completed, our grouting work was presenting in excellent condition.

Our specialist underwater epoxy wearing well.
Our specialist underwater epoxy wearing well.

Our special underwater epoxy is especially resilient and versatile, and we are confident that our specialist material, and skilled workmanship will leave your pools in tip top condition for the long term.