Sparkle Clean

When new pools are built or old ones are refurbished a lot of debris can be generated by the building work.

Dust and dirt can settle on the pool floor with dropped fixings and drill bits rusting onto the tiles.

Building works can leave a swimming pool in a mess

A service that Commercial & Specialised Diving offer is to give your pool a sparkle clean. This involves polishing the tiles, cleaning the grout, water scum lines  and removing any rust staining as directed by the client.

A sparkle clean ensures that any grand opening (or re-opening!) has the best possible impact as the pool will look it’s best.


Commercial & Specialised Diving are also able to survey the pool if required. This will highlight any potential issues or cutting hazards prior to opening to ensure that you have no nasty surprises on opening day!

Commercial & Specialised Diving are experts at servicing swimming pools. Contact our friendly sales team on 01202 58007 or