Size Matters – How Big is your Pool?

Are your ladders dictating the size of your swimming pool?

If the outer swimming lanes are wider than the middle lanes then it is likely that your ladders are jutting into the swimming pool.


This ladder is restricting the width of the lane swimming area in this pool


Let’s look at an example:

Take a 10 meter x 25 meter pool.

If the ladders are flush to the wall the pool width for lane swimming is 10m.

But, if the ladders protrude into the pool, then the usable width for lane swimming is reduced by approximately 1 meter to 9 meters in order to give clearance for swimmers to miss the ladders on each side.

This is the difference which dictates the width of your swimming pool.

Flush ladder

Ladders take a lot of strain and need to comply with Health and Safety Legislation.  It is a requirement that all ladders have a top safety tread and that they do not present a risk of entrapment to a swimmer.

Commercial and Specialised diving will inspect your ladders as part of a Health and Safety audit, or an annual condition survey.  If your ladders do not conform to Health and Safety Legislation then do not despair, we can easily fix, repair or replace them for you.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have any problems with your pool our team of underwater divers can help to make things right without the costly expense of draining the water. Please give us a call on 01202 580007 to discuss your needs with our friendly team.