Seaworthy Inspection- When did you last inspect your hull?

All ships need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they remain seaworthy.
There are a few options for this.

One way is to do a visual inspection of the ship in dry dock. However, this is very expensive and is best reserved for when the vessels hull is due for anti-fouling repainting, which is typically every 3-5 years.

The second and more economical option for large vessels is to have an underwater visual inspection carried out by divers. This can be conducted whilst the ship is at anchor or in port.

Inspections typically include the condition of the hull plating, any rivets, welds or fixings. Corrosion, weld fractures and missing or loose rivets can all compromise the seaworthiness of the vessel. The rudder and props are also checked for damage.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency are responsible for ensuring ships visiting UK anchorages and ports meet UK and international safety rules. Under an EU directive on Port State Control, the agency (MCA) can inspect foreign-flagged ships calling at UK ports and anchorages. Commercial & Specialised Diving can assist with the MCA survey work required for the underwater inspection of vessels.

Commercial & Specialised Diving provide underwater services to the marine industry. Contact our experienced team on 01202 580007 for more information.

Diver about to conduct an underwater inspection.