River Weed Clearance

Weed growth in rivers can often occur quite rapidly during the summer. High light levels coupled with warm water and nutrient run off from farmer’s fields all promote a growth spurt.

River weed clearance a
Weed can clog rivers, prevent flow and cause floods

On occasion the weed growth can occur where it is not wanted, and when this happens, Commercial & Specialised Diving get called in to remove it.

Weed clearance diver a
Divers are a useful asset for clearing weed

Rivers often contain scientific equipment such as flow meters. Too much weed growth around this sensitive equipment can give false readings so it is important to that the river is kept free of weed.

Pile of weed a
Removed weed

If you have a river that needs clearing of weed, Commercial & Specialised Diving can help. Our diving teams cover the nation, and we are always happy to help.

Commercial & Specialised Diving have over 20 years’ experience working on underwater environmental projects. Contact our friendly sales team at sales@specialised-diving.co.uk or 01202 580007 for more information.