Risk Assesments

The following guidance is taken from the HSE publication ‘Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools’.

As a pool operator, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR), you must carry out an assessment of the risks which may affect employees, and others, as a result of the work activity. These requirements also take into account members of the public using the pools.

The aim of this is to make sure that no one gets hurt or becomes ill. Risks can often exist in the pool itself that are overlooked or not visible from the surface. Commercial and Specialised Diving are able to conduct a condition survey in the swimming pool in order to highlight any health & safety issues that put the general public or your staff at risk. Our report can then be incorporated into the site risk assessment.

We would recommend that an underwater condition survey is conducted annually that that no risk is missed!  Contact Commercial and Specialised Diving to arrange your conditional survey on 01202 580007.

Cutting Hazard found underwater
Cutting Hazard found underwater