Re-tiling Swimming Pool Walls

Failing tiles can be found throughout a pool and for a wide variety of reasons. The most common, and conveniently the easiest to fix, involves tiles found on the pool floor and can often be repaired quickly and securely. However, blown tiles on pool walls can be much trickier for most companies to repair effectively.

Tiling Before
Defective area prior to retiling

At CSD our swimming pool repair divers have perfected these skills over many years. This is why when a large leisure centre in the UK began having a number of problems with the tiling in their busy pool we were called to perform the repairs. This has involved a number of floor and wall tiling projects, often with an additional challenge of problems being identified with the tiling render.


Finished Tiling
Completed area of re-tiling pool wall

Thanks to the experience of our divers we have always completed tiling on time, whilst ensuring the underlying problem has also been rectified to reduce the risk of reoccurring incidences.