North Haven – Emergency Slipway Repairs

While the Sandbanks ferry was being refitted, there were some major emergency repairs that needed addressing at the slipway. With the tender won on the Friday, CSD were onsite and ready to go first thing the Monday morning.

To minimise disruption the work had to be completed in the limited timescale allotted to them so there was no hold up when the ferry was returned. A void in the steel sheet pile wall had been identified and the sea was now eroding the side of the slipway, a situation that couldn’t be allowed to get any worse. To get to the damaged area the rock armour had to be craned away to allow our divers access. After a high power jet clean to remove the marine growth, a new bespoke steel shutter was fabricated, installed and back filled with concrete.

CSD were working alongside other contractors on site, who each had their own tight deadlines, and we supported their efforts to achieve the common goal.

While installing the custom made shutter, our divers had to contend with strong tides and the small number of working daylight hours available at this time of year, so good time management was vital. The result is a stronger and much more resilient part of the slipway that will hold off the elements for many more years to come! Considering that this work was completed in the depth of winter, CSD were proud that they managed to accomplish all this within the tight time frame and within budget. When all was completed the client was very pleased with our services and the final result.

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