Mosaic Tiling


Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  A popular choice for the more discerning pool owner is the mosaic tile.

Mosaics date from 3BC and were originally used to create artwork.

Many pools have these small square tiles which come in a dazzling array of iridescent colours.

Mosaics are made from stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal and glass.  They range in size from 15mm up to 50mm, but 25mm is the most common choice.  The iridescent finish to the glass tiles is created by adding a glaze coating to the tile which reflects light in different colours.

The range of colours and manufacturing processes used to make mosaics more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional large white tiles and a lot of fun can be had with the design.  You can even have your favourite picture printed onto the tiles to create a large feature wall or floor!

However, as with all tiles, they can become loose and fall off, but if this happens in your pool, it is an easy fix for Commercial and Specialised Diving.

Our divers can replace any missing tiles underwater without having to drain the pool down.

Commercial and Specialised Diving have over 20 years of experience dealing with mosaic tile repairs, from individual tiles to large areas of mosaic tiles covering the floor and wall.  All of these repairs can be conducted underwater!

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have any tiling issues, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007. 

Mosaic Tiling 1.jpg

Before our underwater team attended site.


Mosaic Tiling 2.jpg

After Commercial and Specialised Diving attended site and  conducted repairs.