Making Waves – Wave Chamber Grilles

Swimming pools with wave machines are very popular with the public.  They work in several different ways; either by dumping lots of water into the pool at regular intervals, by displacing the water mechanically using hydraulic valves and by pumping air into a chamber.  In essence, large volumes of water are moved in a short space of time in order to create the waves.

Large openings in the deep end pool wall allow the vast quantity of displaced water to enter the swimming pool to create the waves.

These wave chambers are an entrapment risk and must be protected against a swimmer entering them.  This is often achieved by grilles with large apertures to let the water through in great quantities.

Health and Safety guidelines stipulate the aperture between the grilles is set within a certain range.  This is to prevent a swimmer from entering the chamber where they may become trapped. The grille bars are typically rounded to enable limbs to be easily removed.

It is important that the wave chamber grilles are kept in good condition and conform to health and safety requirements.  The volume of water passing through them can vibrate the grilles, loosen fixings and put strain on welds.  The frame may also suffer from damage or corrosion. For this reason, we recommend that you have an annual underwater survey to help manage any potential hazards.

If the wave chamber grille does require replacing or modifying, our team of divers can do just that. Our professional underwater team can conduct these works without the costly expense of draining, refilling or reheating the pool.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have a wave chamber and would like the grille inspected, then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007. 


Picture of wave chamber grilles located in the deep end of a swimming pool .