Is your pool safe from voids?

Do you want to help prevent void issues arising in your pool? Regular surveys of your pool are a great investment, as early intervention can prevent small issues developing into larger costly ones. Here is an example of complete tile and render failure resulting in a dangerous void.


Commercial and Specialised Diving were asked to visit a site to replace some faulty tiles around a sump outlet grille. This is a common area for tiling defects due to flexing of the sump grille from movement of water placing pressure on the embedded frame, and therefore onto the surrounding tiles.

Upon inspection of the area around the outlet grille both tiles and render were found to have failed around the perimeter. Once the defective tiles had been removed a void was found below the grille frame, allowing water to be drawn through the defective area directly into the sump pit.

Commercial and Specialised Diving repaired the void quickly and efficiently, getting the pool back up and running for a highly satisfied customer.


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