Is your moving floor adjusted correctly?

Swimming pool moving floors need to be adjusted on a regular basis to ensure they move correctly.

If the floor is too tight to the wall it can put excess pressure on the wall and damage or loosen the tiles.  Most floors are made of a chassis of stainless steel over-laid with plastic, so the floor itself could become worn if it rubs against the wall.

Tiles are also at risk of popping off if the floor hits them whilst on the move.

Damage caused by the floor rubbing up against the tiles

There are several different designs to moving floors, but many are adjusted using cables and a ram. These cables should be checked regularly in order to keep a moving floor running smoothly. If the cables become worn, they can snag and stretch. This will prevent the floor from rising and lowering evenly.

Side rollers are often installed to keep the floor away from the wall. If the rollers are have worn then they will require adjustment in order to keep the floor at the optimum distance from the wall.

The pulleys that the cables run in can also become worn.  Bearings can wear out and fixings can fail.


A moving floor can damage your wall tiles if it is not adjusted correctly



Fortunately Commercial and Specialised Diving are on hand to help. We have the necessary skilled HSE approved diving technicians who can survey your moving floor, carry out adjustments and repairs.

Why not schedule your annual moving floor inspection with us and we will check everything is operating correctly.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have want to book your annual moving floor survey with us then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007.