HSE Guidance- Pool Profiles

The following guidance is taken from the HSE publication ‘Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools’.

“Abrupt changes in depth should be avoided in water less than 1.5 m in depth;

Changes in depth should be clearly identified by the use of colour-contrasted materials or patterned finishes so as to indicate to bathers when they are proceeding to water of a different depth. Where colour is used, this should not reduce the visibility of a body lying on the pool bottom”

There are various safety solutions to this problem including demarcation strips, coloured tiles, warning signs and handrails. Commercial and Specialised Diving install all of these solutions frequently. These works can all be conducted without the need to drain & re-fill the swimming pool, which helps our clients to save on money and down-time.

The de-marcation strips are constructed in a high density polyethylene which means that they are highly durable and they can be provided in a wide range of colours. We are also able to install different coloured tiles, including non-slip tiles, to ensure that the change in depth stands out. This is extremely effective in areas such as entry steps. We also install handrails to ensure that the pool users are as safe as possible.

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