How to Avoid Cut feet and underwater entrapment in your pool!

Leisure centres often contact us once an accident has already happened. A pool user has cut their feet in the shallow end of the pool. At this point the damage has been done and Commercial and Specialised Diving are called in to remedy the issue before it occurs again. However we can actually help to identify these issues before the initial accident happens!

Broken tile leaving a severe cutting hazard

Underwater hazard and defect surveys conducted by Commercial & Specialised Diving highlight potential health and safety issues within your swimming pool that could harm your clients.

Entrapment hazard at the bottom of a pool!

Our underwater swimming pool technicians can look at all of the above points and more. Anything identified as a Health and Safety issue will be highlighted in a written & photographic report.  This will help you to risk assess any Health and Safety issues found and prioritise any remedial repairs before they become an issue for you.

A full written & photographic report is provided following the survey.

This work can be conducted at night to ensure that there is no down time! Contact a member of staff on 01202 580 007 for further information.

Commercial and Specialised Diving also conduct a wide range of other underwater surveys. Should you have specialist issues with the pool such as leaks then contact us to find out how we can help you.