How to avoid cracked tiles – Is it your construction joints?

When a swimming pool is constructed the concrete is poured into sections to allow for expansion and contraction of each section.  These joints must follow all the way through to the tiled surface in order to work effectively.  If these expansion joints are tiled over, the concrete sections will continue to expand and contract, but the tiles on the joint will eventually fail.

Signs of this problem include non-existent expansion joints, tiles cracking in a line and tiles becoming proud or uneven.

You would think that this would be a disaster, but with the help of Commercial and Specialised Diving, it isn’t.

Diver replacing the expansion joint in a swimming pool


We can reinstate the expansion joint using an anti-pick material to prevent the problem from re-occurring in the future.  And we don’t even have to drain the pool to do it!

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts at tiling and grouting underwater. 

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