Hold on tight – is there an accident waiting to happen in your pool?

‘Handrails, steps and ladders providing access to the pool must be of sufficient strength and firmly fixed to the surround and tank walls.’

Extract from Article 87 in the Managing health and safety in swimming pools HSG179 manual.

A loose handrail can unbalance the person using it and cause them to fall. Handrails should be firm and secure. They should not move excessively when they are used. If the handrail is not fixed firmly it can come away in a user’s hand giving the potential for a serious injury to occur.


Handrail lores
Poolside handrails prevent access to entry steps from the side


Commercial & Specialised Diving can survey your swimming pool handrails to ensure they comply with the HSG179 health and safety guidelines. If any are found to be defective we can repair or replace them.

Rusty fixings lores
Rusty fixings can fail over time

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Hazard handrail lores
Don’t let this happen to your pool!


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