Health and Safety Topic – Drainage Gullies

‘ Floor gullies, gutters and valleys should not constitute a tripping hazard, and the drainage outlet should have no sharp edges. They should also be easy to maintain and clean.’
Extract from Managing health and safety in swimming pools (HSG179), Article 92.

Many swimming pools have deck level drainage. This is where the water from the swimming pool overflows onto the pool surround and drains into a covered gully that runs the perimeter of the swimming pool.

Poolside Drainage 600
Drainage gullies are a feature of deck level swimming pools

Tiles around the drainage gully can often get chipped, and if this occurs the tile can be left with a sharp edge that could cut a bare foot.

Sharp corner tiles 600
Exposed sharp edges are a cutting hazard

Grilles covering the gullies should be secure and match the height of the surroundings so they do not present a trip hazard.

Trip hazard 600
Even small height differences can become a stubbing or trip hazard

The grilles should all fit snuggly with no gaps to ensure a secure fit. Loose grilles can also create a major hazard as they can slide underfoot, causing someone to fall.

Grille gap 600
Gaps in drainage grilles can present a serious hazard

Plastics can degrade over time, so it is important to ensure they remain strong enough for the task.

Commercial & Specialised Diving can survey and repair any problems you may have with your drainage gullies. This includes the drainage channel, the grille landings and the installation of new gratings. We can also repair, replace and cut tiles.

All of this work can be carried out at a time when the pool is closed to users, such as overnight.

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