Going with the flow – Culverts

Culverts are a structure that allows water to flow under another structure, normally a footpath, road or railway line.

A simple culvert may be a pipe under a road, while a more complex culvert can be a labyrinth constructed out of poured concrete.

All culverts should be able to cope with the large volume of water created during a heavy down pour of rain. Some culverts have a natural, wildlife friendly construction and they can also allow for the passage of fish to swim up and down without obstacle.

Interestingly not all culverts have a roof. These are typically constructed of sheet steel piling. These will often go rusty, especially in coastal areas and should be inspected regularly for rust and corrosion to ensure that any maintenance can be conducted as a preventative measure and not a reactive measure!

Toxic gases can easily build up in enclosed culverts. Surveying these culverts should be done using trained confined space personnel with the appropriate gas detection equipment and breathing apparatus.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are equipped with the personnel, skills and equipment in order to survey confined space culverts.  We also have the necessary testing equipment to measure thickness and corrosion of sheet steel culverts.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are experienced at surveying civil engineering structures, such as culverts.  You can find out more about what we do by contacting our friendly team on 01202 580007.