Floating Boom Panel Replacement

Management of health and safety in swimming pools is a challenging task that relies on attention to the smallest of details that can often seem insignificant. One example highlighted by the HSE, and often overlooked by sites, is a recommendation for the maximum aperture size of grille openings to be less than 8mm, to reduce the risk of entrapment.

No panels and finished
Boom after removal of grille panels (left) and after instillation on new panels (right)

Wycombe Sports Centre in Buckinghamshire identified that the grille panels on their floating boom didn’t conformed to HSE Standards last year due to the flexibility of the installed panels, prompting them to investigate replacements. The client highlighted the initial quotes from the manufacturer of the boom as being too expensive due to their need to remove the boom from the pool for work to be conducted.

Finished Surface
Completed replacement of panels to upgraded HDPE grilles that conform to HSE Standards

Upon contacting CSD we sourced upgraded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) panels from our plastics supplier and were able to replace all panels from within the water. Both sides of the boom were quickly replaced and secured overnight using a clamp mechanism and A4 stainless steel fixings. These new panels conformed to HSE recommendations and ensured the continued safety of future pool users.