Fit – For Purpose!

This month saw CSD revisit the bolena boom located in Chippenham. The boom was installed by our teams back in 2010.

The bolena boom in good working order.

We were pleased to see that it was still carrying out the task for which it was intended. The boom was carefully installed in difficult and potential hazardous environmental conditions, and was deemed an essential addition to the weir system.

Water passing through the radial gates and out via the weir.

The boom was designed to collect debris from the river, preventing it from passing through the radial gates and out via the weir on the other side.

As with all of our jobs, safety was paramount. Working from the central pier, the most important aspect of the task was to protect the diver ensuring that a secondary means of isolation was in place. Underwater anchor points were also installed to ensure that the diver would not come to any harm.


Our team working safely on top of the central pier. Note the scaffold cage; created to protect the diver.

Ever resilient; CSD completed the work safely and to an exacting specification, in partnership will another framework contractor.