Finger Grip Tiles

Finger grip tiles are an important part of deck level swimming pools.  They have coloured edges (called demarcation strips) to mark the edge of the pool and the recess (the finger grip) give swimmers something to hold onto whilst they rest in deep water.  Finger grip tiles are subject to heavy wear, especially where lane ropes, removable steps and ladders are in use. The process of deploying and removal of these items can often result in the tiles suffering impact damage.

When a finger grip tile fails, it can crack and shatter, creating razor sharp shards which present a cutting hazard.


Cracks forming in a finger grip tile


Commercial and Specialised Diving have a solution to this problem. High density plastic finger grip tiles can be manufactured to replace the finger grip tiles in high wear areas. The plastic will not shatter like tiles, and will not present a cutting hazard.


Commercial and Specialised Diving can inspect your finger grip tiles as part of an annual survey.  This enables our pool technicians to spot the early signs of tile failing and for remedial action to be taken before it fails and creates a hazard.

Commercial and Specialised Diving have replaced countless finger grip tiles throughout many leisure centres across the country and can supply a wide range of tile sizes and styles to best suite your requirements.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you have any problems with your finger grip tiles we can fix them for you. Speak to one of our friendly swimming pool technicians on 01202 580007.