Finger Grip Repair

Finger grip tiles are located in areas of the pool that have to withstand a heavy footfall. This can often lead to finger grip tiles obtaining extensive damage.  Once the finger grip tiles are inflicted with damage, they can have strong health and safety implications. This is because any chipped or cracked tiles can become a cutting hazard.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are able to install a wide variety of finger grip tiles including HDPE plastic tiles that are highly durable and ideal for well used areas, such as around ladders and entry steps. We are able to conduct this work without the need to drain the pool and we will clear up any debris that enters the pool to ensure that the pool is fully up and running as soon as possible!

Contact Commercial and Specialised Diving today to ensure that any cutting hazards are dealt with swiftly and professionally. Our contact number is 01202 580007.

FG tile striker plate IMG_0323 FG tiles IMG_0285