Equestrian Pool Maintenance

It’s not just people that get health benefits from swimming. This month we returned to one of our racing stable clients to carry out maintenance on their equine pool.

Horse in recovery using equine pool

Equine pools are essential facilities for racing stables and top competition yards. They enable the horses to maintain a level of fitness whilst they recuperate from injuries in just the same way hydrotherapy helps world-class athletes.

Indoor Equine Pool
Indoor Equine Pool

In addition to the types of pool problems we regularly solve for leisure centres, hotels and spas – equine pools have some unique ones of their own. There is a huge amount of heavy usage on the entrance and exit ramps – for which we provide regular maintenance and repair work – such as  carrying out flooring replacement with heavy duty matting. There can also be wall panel damage caused by striking out or kicking by these often highly strung and sensitive animals. Commercial and Specialised diving can fit highly durable plastic panelling to give maximum resistance to wear and tear.

It is a specialised line of work and one that Commercial and Specialised Diving are in ‘tip top condition’ and ‘racing fit for’!