Drain down disasters and how to fix them

What do you do if tiles start to pop off when the pool is refilled? Drain it again?
No, contact Commercial & Specialised Diving immediately!

When pools are re-filled, this often leads to tiles de-bonding from the pool tank. Obviously any de-bonded tiles are a major health and safety hazard to pool users. They can cause severe cuts on severed skin.

Apex corner cua
De-bonded tiles can be a health and safety hazard

The areas of de-bonded tiles is often larger than first apparent. Additional hollow tiles may look intact to the untrained eye, but it may only be the grout joints that are holding the tiles in place.

It can reflect badly on the leisure centre if the swimming pool is closed for an extended period of time, often with the loss of revenue as customers will find somewhere else to swim.

Failed wall tiles

The answer is to conduct underwater repairs that allow you to keep your swimming pool open without the need to re-drain it.

Hollow Tilesa
De-bonded tiles showing the gap beneath where the adhesive has failed

The specialist service offered by Commercial & Specialised Diving utilises professional pool technicians that can repair tiles underwater. We have installed hundreds of thousands of tiles throughout the course of our business and are experts in this area.

Tile hole pool cua
The affected area can often grow to cover a very large area

Conducting repair work underwater ensures your swimming pool can re-open on time. Work can even be carried out at night when the pool is naturally closed to minimise disruption to your customers.

If the worst happens this Christmas do not despair – Commercial & Specialised Diving can help.

Commercial & Specialised Diving conduct emergency swimming pool repairs nationwide. If you have tiles that de-bond, fail or pop when your swimming pool is refilled, do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 580007 or sales@specialised-diving.co.uk.