Don’t close your pool to repair mosaic tiles!

Mosaic tiles are a common sight in many swimming pools and Commercial & Specialised Diving are frequently called out to repair and replace these delicate tiles.

In your average public swimming pool, there could be around 400,000 mosaic tiles and it’s more than likely that some of these are missing or cracked. Small areas of missing tiles often expand if left unchecked, as the water begins to eat away at the underlying screed.  If the water gets underneath the tiles then whole sections can become unsafe and debonded!

By their nature mosaic tiles are vulnerable and awkward to repair, fortunately Commercial and Specialised Diving are highly skilled in this area and have a lot of experience with this type of work. We can replace mosaic tiles underwater, and at night if required! This helps to ensure that your pool remains open so you won’t have any unhappy clients or loss of revenue.

Contact us today to inspect and repair any mosaic tile problems on 01202 580007.

Mosaic Tiling 1
As found by Commercial and Specialised Diving
Mosaic Tiling 2
As good as new! Repaired by our specialist underwater repair team.