Do not drain your pool at Christmas!

Christmas is a traditional time for leisure centres to shut down and carry out annual maintenance on their swimming pool. This can involve draining the pool dry, however doing so could cost more than you think and cause major damage to the swimming pool structure.

apex tiles



First, you have to pay to dispose of the treated water. This often requires a special license.

In certain situations where the surrounding water table is high, the release of pressure by draining the pool may cause the pool to try to float like a boat. This is problematic as it can cause the structural integrity of the pool tank to become damaged.

When a swimming pool is drained dry the release of pressure, change of temperature and dry atmosphere will change the integrity of the swimming pool tank. This can cause the tiles to de-bond

Diver wall a
Walls can be tiled underwater with divers


And, it isn’t just draining the pool that is potentially problematic as re-filling can also cause problems. The re-introduction of heated water can cause the grout to expand causing tiles pop off and de-bond and pop off!

By keeping the water in your swimming pool and conducting the maintenance underwater these problems can be avoided. There is actually no need for you to drain your swimming pool.

Diver drill a
Diver drilling a hole


Commercial & Specialised Diving can maintain your swimming pool using divers. Surveys, tiling, grouting, grille replacement and much more can be carried out by our specialised diving technicians. For a full list of our services, contact our friendly sales team for a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.

Demand for the skilled services offered by Commercial & Specialised Diving becomes high over the Christmas shut down period, so if you are planning some work on your swimming pool over this Christmas, ensure you contact us in good time in order to avoid disappointment.

Commercial & Specialised Diving provide underwater maintenance services to swimming pool owners nationwide. We have over 20 years’ experience maintaining sports and leisure centre pools. Contact our friendly sales team to discuss your requirements on 01202 580007 or