Did you know? – As a client you are responsible for divers safety

When engaging the services of a diving contractor the client is responsible for ensuring the work is conducted safely. Clients need to ensure the diving contractor can carry out the task safely. This includes checking the diving contractor is registered as a HSE diving contractor with the HSE. It also involves ensuring any staff and subcontractors not directly involved with the diving operations do not endanger the diving activities in anyway.

Clients can trust Commercial & Specialised Diving to conduct underwater work safely. Our exemplary safety track record proves why you can trust us to fulfil our duties as an experienced and competent HSE diving contractor.


Working underwater is hazardous and is governed by health and safety regulations


The extracts below are from the Health and Safety Executive  Approved Code of Practice and guidance for Commercial diving projects inland/inshore Diving at Work Regulations 1997.

“22 The diving contractor has the main responsibility, under the Diving Regulations, for ensuring that a safe diving project is carried out, although other people have responsibilities under the Diving Regulations, for example clients.”

 “24 The actions and activities of other people can affect the safety of the dive team even though they are not members of the team, and therefore they may have responsibilities for ensuring that the Regulations are complied with for those matters under their control. These people include:

(a) the client who has placed a contract with a diving contractor to deliver a diving project. The client may be the owner of a site where diving work is going to take place, or the owner’s agent, or a contractor acting on behalf of the owner or agent. If the owner or agent appoints an on-site representative, they should be satisfied that that person is competent for the task;

(b) the principal contractor carrying out work for the client and overseeing the work of the diving contractor;

 (e) any other person whose actions or activities may affect the safety of the diving project”

 “25 These people should consider carefully the actions required of them to comply with the Diving Regulations. They should, where relevant/appropriate:

(a) take reasonable steps to ensure that any diving contractor selected is capable of complying with the Diving Regulations;

(b) make available to the diving contractor the results of any risk assessments undertaken by other people under other statutory legislation that could affect the health and safety of the dive team;

(c) agree to provide facilities and extend all reasonable support to the supervisor or diving contractor in the event of an emergency. The diving project plan should reflect this; 

(f) consider whether other activities in the vicinity may affect the safety of the diving project; for example, they may need to arrange for the suspension of loading or unloading of vessels, piling work or demolition activities;

 (h) provide the diving contractor with details of any possible substance likely to be encountered by the dive team that would be a hazard to their health, for example sewage or chemicals. This information should be provided in writing and in sufficient time to allow the diving contractor to carry out the relevant risk assessment and, if necessary, to take appropriate action;”


Diver under floor
Working under a moving floor requires additional health and safety considerations


For further assistance please contact Commercial & Specialised Diving to discuss your requirements. Commercial & Specialised Diving adhere to all HSE codes of practice and have an outstanding safety record so you know you are in safe hands.

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