CSD – Solid as a Rock!

Commercial and Specialised Diving returned to the Sandbanks ferry slip way this month to undertake Phase II of the slipway repairs we carried out last December.

The Phase I emergency work carried out last December involved removing rock armour to gain access to a void in the sheet pile wall which was allowing erosion of the slipway itself. Our professional team of divers then installed a bespoke steel shutter, back-filled with concrete and replaced the existing rock armour. A successful operation carried out under difficult conditions and the very limited timeframe of tidal windows and short day length.

This month our expertise ensured that Phase II was also efficiently accomplished. The operation was to top up the existing rock armour to give maximum protection to the steel shutter and slipway itself. This called for 135 tonnes of Portland stone, approx 100 individual pieces, to be delivered to the site. A crane was utilised to position the rocks, with our team of divers assisting in their precise placement. The work was carried out in good time, over four nights, despite a number of challenging factors. In addition to environmental ones such as the tides and weather conditions, the work had to be undertaken at night to avoid any disruption to the ferry service. Logistically the delivery and movement of the rocks in the limited space available needed detailed planning and further considerations included the public nature of the site and boat traffic.

A smooth and successful operation, a safe and secure slipway, and a satisfied client!