CSD Leak Busters – Succeed Again

It is no secret that we at CSD have an excellent track record for finding pool leaks, and this month saw CSD quickly pinpoint a historic and troublesome leak – where all others had apparently failed!


We have good reason to be proud of our leak targeting abilities. Our dive teams have a wealth of experience, and it is this experience coupled with a wide working knowledge of pools that enables our divers to quickly assess water loss issues.

On this occasion our valued customer had been suffering a leak for over a year, losing vast quantities of water (and money). Others spent hours testing every inch of the pool but to no avail. It was at this point that CSD were called upon.


Our divers set about assessing the pool and  quickly identified a series of leaks.

The leaks were confirmed and a solution found.

As always, our teams worked diligently and to the customer’s requirements.

Is your pool losing water?

…… If so, call us now!